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​What is a Panzini™?
The Panzini™ is best described as a filled oven baked sandwich. However don’t be fooled it’s not just a sandwich, burger, calzone or some sort of wrap. In reality, it is so much more!

Over the centuries it has been progressed to become an entire meal in itself, Dating back to 16th Century to the Duke Carlo IaZeolla from Colle Sannita, Italy. Our ancestors would stuff dough with any left overs pieces of pork belly, sausage, or beef and with whatever else they could find! Then it’s baked and eaten as a snack while they were working in the fields.

A version of the Panzini was made popular by the youngest brother from the Paschitti neighbourhood of the ancient village of Decorata.
His were so good that it was quickly known as “Pane di Zizi” (uncle’s bread). Over time this evolved into what we now call “Panzini.”
Using only the finest Italian ingredients and locally sourced fresh meats. We have put together a special Panzini™ Menu, in honour of our ancestors.
It’s so good that we have trademarked it too!

#Panzini™revolution, Zizi would be proud!
Buon Appetito!
Antonio and the team